Fandango & Rokt: the ticket to putting the customer first

Fandango, a leading entertainment and ticketing platform, and Rokt are both passionate about placing the customer at the forefront of our business. Fandango Media offers a slew of services for movie and TV fans, ranging from movie information and reviews to at-home entertainment options and online ticketing. The goal is clear: to reach entertainment consumers wherever they may be.

Erin Razov, Vice President of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships for Fandango, shares how our partnership achieves just that. Through the online ticket-buying journey, consumers pick their favorite theater, select their desired showtime, pick their seats and enter their payment details, and ultimately hit purchase on the confirmation page. With the help of Rokt, the ticket buyer is served a highly-relevant offer from a leading ecommerce brand. Not only does this partnership drive revenue, but it also continues to maintain high user engagement and loyalty. 

Key takeaways from the Fandango x Rokt partnership:

  • Relevance in real-time: Rokt’s AI and machine technology ensures that customers receive highly relevant offers at the moment of purchase, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Testing and learning to keep the customer top-of-mind: Fandango’s dedication to customer-centricity is reflected in their continuous testing and learning with Rokt, ensuring that the customer experience is always improving.
  • Increasing revenue and engagement with one solution: Rokt’s impact extends beyond revenue generation; it contributes to increased customer engagement, a testament to the effectiveness of delivering a highly relevant experience.
  • Flexibility as a strength: Rokt’s flexibility as a solution has allowed the Fandango team to remain nimble as the entertainment industry changes. 

Fandango’s partnership with Rokt showcases how innovation can enhance customer experiences in the world of entertainment services. As technology continues to shape the ways we seek out entertainment, it continues to pave the way for a future where customers are rewarded with a more tailored experience.

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