Powering the transaction moment with Poshmark

Adi Thacker, Poshmark’s Vice President and General Manager of Monetization, helps drive Poshmark’s mission to economically empower people by supporting them as they build thriving businesses. In his role, he is also responsible for strategically identifying and  implementing products that generate value for Poshmark sellers and buyers, while also driving business value and revenue for its core business. Since beginning our partnership, Rokt has played a pivotal part in helping Poshmark achieve these goals. Thacker sat down with our team to talk about the partnership with Rokt and how our tech has been instrumental in helping his team generate real value for the business.

Key Takeaways 

  • The key consideration for Poshmark and Rokt’s partnership was ensuring it drove value for users. For Thacker, implementing Rokt was one of the first big bets he took when he joined Poshmark. Today Rokt is a key partner delivering revenue and  strong engagement with highly relevant messaging.
  • Rokt drives incremental revenue without impacting the customer journey. With Rokt, Poshmark has been able to implement a new business model for the company, delivering relevant offers along the buying journey and generating incremental revenue without interfering with the customer experience. 
  • Third-party offers are continuing to drive high engagement rates across the platform.  In Poshmark’s monthly customer reports, Thacker came across several users asking to repeatedly see Rokt’s third-party offers again, showing us the true power of relevancy.
  • It’s essential to capitalize on the transaction moment. Since partnering with Rokt, Poshmark has seen that the transaction moment, where Rokt delivers its messaging, has reached customers where they’re most likely to be open to third-party offers. This has especially reigned true when the offers provide relevancy and add value to their shopping experience. 

To see how Rokt is working for other businesses check out our case studies page here. Think Rokt could work for your business? Talk to an expert