A seven year success story: how Spirit Airlines is enhancing the traveler experience with Rokt

We’re grateful for our long standing partnership with Spirit Airlines. For over seven years, Rokt’s advanced machine learning technology has helped the airline unlock incremental value by effectively enabling the airline to use its first-party data to provide relevant and delightful experiences for its travelers. Spirit uses Rokt Ecommerce to show relevant and personalized messages during the checkout flow, and drives incremental purchases of products and services, from its own brand or a trusted partner.

Rokt provides Spirit access to a closed network of blue-chip advertisers that align with its user base, and Rokt’s advanced AI  helps determine the most relevant messages and experiences for each individual to personalize the entire experience for each traveler. For example, after booking a flight, Rokt assesses the customer in real time and provides relevant offers to them, traveler A might receive an offer to join Spirit’s loyalty program, while a different traveler, perhaps already a member of the loyalty program, will be more interested in an offer to book a rental car at their destination and thus shown a message from one of Rokt’s premium advertisers. 

As Spirit continually explores new avenues to boost ancillary revenue, Rokt has proven to be a valuable ally, generating millions through years of testing and by offering recommendations based on current marketplace dynamics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rokt’s technology enables airlines like Spirit to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, paving the way for more relevant experiences.
  • Access to blue-chip advertisers allows Spirit Airlines to provide offers that are truly relevant to travelers which ultimately enhances customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Rokt’s ongoing commitment to testing and analytical capabilities helps Spirit Airlines stay ahead of industry trends while improving ancillary revenue.

Spirit Airlines isn’t the only travel brand who is unleashing their potential with Rokt. TravelPass Group is another Rokt Ecommerce partner that offers travelers access to stays at over one million properties worldwide. With Rokt Ecommerce, TravelPass was able to drive $11K additional revenue per 100K transactions and an average positive engagement rate of 5.1%. Like Spirit Airlines, TravelPass relies on Rokt to conduct creative tests and experimentation which has helped the brand achieve a 25% uplift in value per transaction. 

To see how Rokt is working for other businesses check out our case studies page here. Think Rokt could work for your business? Talk to an expert to learn more.