Rokt’star spotlight: Sophia Marchetti

As Rokt sets out to unleash its best year yet, we’re taking a moment to highlight some of the Rokt’stars that help their teams thrive by challenging the status quo and working in different ways. Read on to hear about their time at Rokt and what makes them tick both in and out of the office.

Meet Sophia 

You’re part of the Green Team steering committee, what does this entail?

The Green Team is helping bring our sustainability goals to fruition. We’re responsible for planning our annual initiatives to make Rokt more sustainable such as getting Rokt B corp certified and an in-office push to get Rokt’stars to utilize our volunteer days to give back to their communities through neighborhood clean ups. 

What sustainable changes have you implemented in the New York office?

This year we partnered with Replate, an organization that helps eliminate food waste from our daily lunches and safely give food away to local communities in need. We also enacted Meatless Mondays to reduce our meat consumption and it’s given our vegan and vegetarian Rokt’stars more options.

 Are you involved in any other employee resource groups?

I’m also involved in Rainbow Rokts, Rokt’s LGBTQ+ employee resource group. Last year I organized our Pride panel where we had 6 intersectional Rokt’stars talk about their queer experiences where they could share deep, personal stories. It’s probably one of my favorite memories at Rokt!

Do you have any tips for those looking to build a more sustainable life?

It’s important to check yourself. Research and look into the products you’re using. Can you reduce your single-use plastic consumption? Can you recycle better? It’s all about taking an audit. It all starts with awareness in your own practices.

What does being a Force For Good mean to you?

Evaluating yourself and evaluating what you can do to better yourself and the others around you. It’s taking a singular action and building on it to impact your community in a bigger way like some of the things we’re doing in the office.

What Rokt value do you identify with the most?

Enjoying the ride, of course! If you’re not having fun doing what you do or enjoying the place you’re in, that’s going to ricochet to other people. I’m super big on bringing a positive energy wherever I’m at. 

What are some of your hobbies or passions outside of the office?

I love traveling! I am always booking trips to Europe or anywhere that had beautiful sun and beaches. I’m also a huge nerd and love Sudoku and going out dancing and listening to new music.

 How is Rokt different from other places you’ve worked?

Rokt is a super fast-paced environment. This company has so much momentum that no other company I’ve ever worked for has had. As a team we celebrate our wins, and even in moments where we learn or need to pivot, everyone rallies together to find a path forward.

What was your favorite band in high school?

Arctic monkeys for sure! Me and my best friend used to listen to that growing up junior and senior year.


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