Rokt by the numbers: employee, diversity, learning, and engagement

By Rokt

At Rokt, we are setting big goals for 2023 and raising the bar to have our best year yet. We are starting the year with unprecedented momentum, having recently closed a secondary funding round that increased our valuation to US$2.4 billion. We will launch new products, enter new markets, and continue to invest in current and new partners. Even as we set new business goals, we’re staying steadfast in investing in our team and new talent. We’re looking for Rokt’stars across the world to take the leap with us as we continue to unleash our full potential.

We actively promote diversity and invest in employee experiences, learning and development, employee resource groups, and programs to celebrate our Rokt’stars so they can enjoy the ride. We also offer some truly great benefits, you can read about those here in our public Rokt’star employee Handbook. Here are a few of the ways we are maintaining our people-first culture.

Raising the bar on diversity

As Rokt continues on its hyper-growth journey, keeping diversity at our forefront is essential and remains a priority. Over the past 3 years alone, we’ve made strides in creating a more diverse workforce. We currently have 56% BIPOC employees globally and 46% in the U.S. – both of which are growing significantly year on year, every year. Our percentage of female employees has increased by 16% since 2020 and our executive team is currently 44% women.

We recognize that diverse backgrounds and diversity of thought makes us stronger and better, that is why we are focused on expanding opportunities for all. Our global team of Rokt’stars speak 15+ languages, represent 42 unique ethnicities, and 42% of our Rokt’stars are non-nationals (working outside of their home country). We offer robust visa sponsorship and relocation packages for those who wish to work in any of Rokt’s 6 global offices supporting our 14 markets where Rokt has clients.

We experience every day the power this increasing diversity of talent and experiences has on our product and culture. We can’t wait to further expand the unique people and perspectives in 2023 and beyond.

Employee engagement and NPS

Every quarter we send an anonymous engagement survey to ask our Rokt’stars for their opinion and point of view on everything from their career progression, work-life balance, and their overall wellness. We consistently see completion rates of 96%, which we feel is a strong indicator that our employees are invested and engaged, something we are very proud of as we continue to foster a transparent work environment. In 2022, our employee NPS (Net Promoter Score) exceeded 85%. This isn’t just because we work hard as leaders to cultivate a safe, productive, and happy workplace – ultimately, it’s about how each individual on the team contributes to our culture, to our programs to support them, and actively constantly give feedback on how we can improve. One of the most important parts of our employee survey is how we gather feedback and make changes to what we do in response. We are always learning and improving. As we move into 2023, we’re looking forward to hitting our highest engagement score yet and hearing from the voices inside our offices to make us an even better place to work. 

December 2022 marked our 10th anniversary and we are extremely proud to celebrate the 182 employees who have been with us for nearly a year all the way to our 39 Rokt’stars that have been here for 5+ years! Of these 52 employees, there is 96% retention rate for employees with 5 – 7 years of tenure. We are proud of all our Rokt’stars and the role they play in our growth journey.

If you want to see how some of our current Rokt’stars feel about working here, check out why Rokt wins awards for being a great place to work.

Learning and development

We want Rokt to be a rocket ship for everyone, and there is no place to accelerate your career like within our team. We offer global training events, online courses, and fantastic people leaders who are invested in seeing all of our Rokt’stars succeed. In 2022, we brought on Simon Curran, SVP of Leadership and Development, who is dedicated to building more programming in 2023 that will help our teams learn and grow with a budget of over US$1M+. Each Rokt’star receives a yearly ‘Level Up’ allowance of $5,000 to spend on an area of their choosing to advance their career. In the past, employees have spent this on attending conferences to develop their expertise, enrolling in classes, or investing in coaches. Alex Lannigan, our Director of Customer Success, recently spent her allowance on Toastmasters to level up her public speaking. What will you spend yours on with us in 2023?

Employee resource groups

Our employee resource groups provide safe spaces for Rokt’stars to come together to share their experiences with others and provide perspectives on community issues, needs, and policies that help make Rokt an inspiring workplace for all. 

  • EDI steering committee: focuses on ensuring every Rokt’star is fully heard and fairly treated, focused on five pillars of diversity: gender equality, LGBTQIA+ Rokt’stars, racial diversity, cultural diversity, and socio-economic background diversity.
  • Green Team: creates positive sustainability practices both inside and out of the Rokt offices. The group implements education and awareness initiatives, develops and operates Rokt offices to conserve resources, especially through recycling. This group of passionate environmentalists also spearheads volunteer days to clean up and leave our communities better than when we found them. Learn about how Rokt is supporting polar explorers Robert and Barney Swan on their mission to combat climate change.
  • Rainbow Rokts: brings together LGBTQIA+ members and allies across our organization. The group’s mission is to not only create a safe space for Rokt’stars who value being part of this community but also to build a platform for education, awareness, personal growth, and aid to the LGBTQIA+ community outside of Rokt by being a Force for Good. Rainbow Rokts regularly host events and panels in Rokt office around the world during Pride Month and throughout the year.
  • Womxn Who Rokt: empowers womxn at Rokt and ensures all voices are heard. This group hosts a myriad of events and panels throughout the year that bring together executive womxn from the tech industry and beyond to give insights and tips to our Rokt’stars on building their careers. Past panelists have spoken on how to overcome fears, maintaining work-life balance, and empowering their teams through leadership and mentorship. Rokt also supports Vital Voices Global Partnership to support womxn leaders all around the world.

Enjoying the ride

Rokt’stars are passionate about what we do. We bring meaning and fun to our everyday work lives and celebrate our successes along the way. In January 2023, we will come together in Whistler, Canada for our annual Global Kick Off (GKO) event dedicated to celebrating our wins and learnings from the last year. We’re excited to kick off 2023 with sessions focused on supporting and inspiring Rokt’stars to unleash their full potential in their personal and professional journeys. We regularly bring Rokt’stars together in-person so we can celebrate our success and plan ahead together as we enter our best decade yet.

Unleash your inner voice in 2023. The one that knows you can do it. The one to listen to more. Unleash that desire you’ve always had to achieve something bigger. Take the leap. Join a team of diverse individuals who thrive by challenging the status quo and working in different ways. Learn, grow, and then learn some more. Develop your voice, your ideas, your ability to achieve more. At Rokt, we know that people aren’t inspired by job titles, they are inspired by people, and there’s no better way to be inspired than by joining our team. At Rokt, we will actively support you to unleash your full potential and together we will make 2023 our best year yet.

If you are interested in being part of our Rokt’ship, find out more about Rokt’s culture, diversity and community initiatives, and career opportunities today. Come see for yourself!