Revving up for the 2024 F1 season in partnership with Oracle Red Bull Racing

Today marks the beginning of Oracle Red Bull Racing’s 2024 season, and we’re thrilled to celebrate the beginning of our second year in partnership with this championship-winning team. As we kick off another exciting chapter, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the unforgettable moments that defined our teamwork in 2023. Together, we’ve been dedicated to unleashing a world of possibilities with our team on the track and beyond.

Empowering women in STEM 

When we began our partnership last year, we had a common goal of empowering the next generation of women in STEM careers, motorsports, and sim racing. We were able to bring this vision to life in many ways in our first year as team partners. 

Driven beyond limits

Our “Driven beyond limits” video series went behind the scenes to share the stories of five female engineers from Oracle Red Bull Racing.  Rokt’s Chief Product Officer, Srishti Gupta provided an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the exceptional women engineers ranging in specialties from machinists to strategists, inspiring and igniting a dialogue for the future wave of women in STEM.


“Driven beyond limits” ep. 1 with Hannah Schmitz, Oracle Red Bull Racing ​​Principal Strategy Engineer


International Women in Engineering Day 

This past spring, we celebrated International Women in Engineering Day in partnership with Oracle Red Bull Racing at an event at the Red Bull Technology campus in Milton Keynes. The day gave women with aspirations of working in engineering and STEM a platform to hear from top female engineers, network, and gain insight into the roles in engineering available to them.


International Women in Engineering Day 2023


Rokt the Rig 2023

At International Women in Engineering Day, we announced our joint global search for female F1 sim racers: Rokt the Rig. After several scouting global sim racing qualifier races, six finalists were chosen. To celebrate their success, the group was invited to the Red Bull Technology Campus in Milton Keynes for a once-in-a-lifetime day to meet the Sim Racing team and drivers. They were greeted with surprises, an exclusive tour of the factory, 1:1 training from the Oracle Red Bull Racing Sim Racing drivers, and unprecedented access to the e-rena with state-of-the-art sim racing rigs. We’re looking forward to what Rokt the Rig has in store for 2024.


Meet the finalists


Making memories with the Oracle Red Bull Racing drivers

While our joint mission is around bringing more diversity to the sport,, we also made sure that having fun along the way was a priority. We had the pleasure of working directly with drivers Max Verstappen and Checo Perez as they faced off against Christian Horner, Team Principal & CEO of Oracle Red Bull Racing, and Bruce Buchanan, Founder & CEO of Rokt. This epic event showcased the camaraderie and competitive spirit that defines our partnership.

CEOs vs. Drivers


Building winning teams 

Off the track

One of the most special parts of our partnership is getting an inside look at the leadership behind our organizations. In addition to having fun off the track, our team leaders Christian Horner, Team Principal & CEO of Oracle Red Bull Racing, and Bruce Buchanan, Founder & CEO of Rokt, sat down in a series of conversations in our “Off the Track” series to discuss how they have built winning teams and the experiences they’ve had along the way.

“Off the track” episode 1


Leading the charge

We also had the opportunity to highlight Rokt’s leadership in the “Leading The Charge” series presented by Bybit. The series highlights conversations between host David Coulthard and industry leaders. Earlier this year, Bruce Buchanan, Rokt’s Founder & CEO, was highlighted where he shared insight into Rokt’s 11-year journey in ecommerce tech and how our partnership with Oracle Red Bull Racing came to be. 

Leading the Charge featuring Bruce Buchanan, Rokt Founder & CEO

As we embark on the next phase of our partnership with Oracle Red Bull Racing, we’re excited to continue pushing boundaries, fostering diversity, and creating unforgettable memories both on and off the track. Join us as we continue to unleash the full potential of our partnership, driving towards a future filled with innovation and empowerment. Visit our website to learn more.