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A strong tech stack empowers our teams to build and deliver the very best products for our clients. We work with innovative technologies and systems to ensure that we’re ahead of evolving customer and industry needs.

Rokt Rokt’s products create a two-sided marketplace that allows ecommerce companies to generate new profit and advertisers to acquire customers.

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We’re a group of curious explorers, intent on unleashing the full potential of ecommerce. While we work hard to meet the ambitious goals we set, we make a point not to take ourselves too seriously. We pride ourselves on fostering a culture of autonomy. A decoupled architecture allows teams to rapidly build and iterate to push the boundaries of ecommerce technology.

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Rokt’s technology by the numbers

We have a large set of services which process data for use in our business analytics, model training, and attribution systems. At Rokt, you’ll have a chance to have impact at scale.

  • About

    3 PiB

    of data

  • More than


    requests per second

  • More than

    100 Tb/s

    of data transfer

  • Less than

    p95 300ms

    latency requirements

  • More than



  • More than


    global transactions powered annually

Our teams

Our teams are organized around a single goal – unleashing a world of possibilities through relevancy in ecommerce. We’ve designed a pod-like structure to help us work autonomously while focusing on the same objective. The number of teams is flexible. Anyone can propose and build a new team as long as it has a team goal and charter. Each team is made up of engineers, product managers, and designers.

  • It’s such a great experience to work in the Customer Data Platform team. We handle and process a large amount of complex data sets each day, and working with incredibly smart people made me grow extremely fast.

    Yingzhi Zhou

    Software Engineer, Sydney

    Customer Data Platform

  • Not only is my team very smart, but they also are some of the kindest, friendliest people I’ve met.

    Manuel Diaz-Granados

    Senior Software Engineer, New York


  • Our team is responsible for automating invoicing systems for our advertisers and partners. Rokt has taught me what it means to truly own a system and work autonomously. We are all custodians of our systems which drives us to continuously improve and push the limits.

    Siddhant Modi

    Software Engineer, New York

    Finance and Accounts

  • Our design team culture is what I love most about Rokt. I enjoy having the autonomy and support to solve complex problems and working with incredibly motivated and down-to-earth people.

    Peggy Wei

    Product Designer, Sydney

    Ecommerce Applications

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Seattle Development Center

Led by Amazon veteran John Walzer, the new center focuses on accelerating development of new solutions for Rokt's ecommerce marketplace. Bill Barton, Chief Product and Engineering Officer at Rokt calls it “an incredible tech hub where we’ll be able to access a whole new pool of talent.”

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