Rokt Channel Referral Program


These terms (“Referral Terms”) are effective as of the date You agree to the underlying Rokt Ecommerce Services Agreement covering the applicable Services (as defined therein) between You and Rokt (inclusive of any and all schedules, attachments, addendums, amendments, exhibits, order forms and statements of work, the “Agreement”), or by otherwise accepting or using the Services described therein. You agree that the Referral Terms are incorporated into the Agreement by reference. You, on behalf of your company specified in the Agreement, agree to be bound by these Referral Terms. All capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Agreement.

a. Referred Advertisers. If the Partner wishes to refer to Rokt a third party who wishes to become an Advertiser for Advertising Campaigns, it shall deliver to Rokt a written notice (a “Referral Notice”) of an intent to do so, together with all relevant contact details of such third party and any relevant individual contacts with various key decision makers (“Key Individuals”) employed or associated with such prospective Advertisers. If (i) there is currently no commercial, business or affiliate relationship between Rokt or any of its affiliates, directors, officers or sales staff, and such referred third party or any of its affiliates, nor has there been any such relationship in the prior 12 months, nor has any Rokt director, officer or sales staff member had any contact with the Key Individuals identified in the Referral Notice at any time within the prior 12 months, and (ii) within 120 days after the delivery of such Referral Notice, such third party executes an agreement or insertion order with Rokt or one of its subsidiaries to become a Advertiser and place Promotional Content via Advertising Campaigns, then such Advertiser shall be a “Referred Advertiser”.

b. Compensation in respect of Partner-Sourced Advertisers and Referred Advertisers. Rokt shall pay to Partner a bonus (“Bonus”) equal to 10% of Advertiser Receipts actually received by Rokt from any net new Partner-Sourced Advertiser or Referred Advertiser for serving its promotional content via the Rokt Platform (other than on Partner Website(s) or any Network Member which has an existing commercial agreement with a given Partner-Sourced Advertiser or Referred Advertiser), less any applicable commissions, taxes, refunds, credits or chargebacks, for a period of 24 months after Rokt’s receipt of the associated Referral Notice for such Referred Advertiser or the date on which the such net new Partner-Sourced Advertiser commenced spending for the relevant Campaign(s), as applicable. Bonus shall be paid on a quarterly basis.

c. Introduction Only. In relation to Referred Advertisers, Partner shall provide introductions only and shall not take any other part in the sales process, or hold itself, himself or herself out as a representative or agent of Rokt at any time. Partner shall have no authority to bind Rokt to any obligation.