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A trusted partner to global Ecommerce leaders

  • Wayfair
  • Staples
  • Poshmark
  • Popchart
  • Blendjet
  • hp
  • Marcus Theatres
  • Zappos
  • Spirit
  • Riteaid

Generate $20k - $30k in new profit for every 100k orders

Ecommerce businesses are squeezed from all directions, and margin is a constant challenge. With Rokt, you can activate a turn-key new revenue stream by delivering personalized offers to each customer, after they’ve checked out.

A laptop showing the Blendjet website with a Rokt standard overlay placement. The placement is offering a free trial for Hulu.

Delight customers with premium offers from leading brands

Rokt’s exclusive, closed marketplace means you can delight your customers with offers they’re sure to love. And you have complete control over what categories and brands they’ll see with just a few clicks.

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Machine learning drives relevancy

Using Rokt to deliver offers to your customers ensures each experience is tailored to each individual, with intelligence powered by billions of transactions across hundreds of leading ecommerce businesses like Ticketmaster, Spirit Airlines, and Staples.

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  • Rokt has exceeded our revenue expectations without impacting any of our repeat purchases.

    Shopify - Five star rating

    Downloading this app has been a huge value-add to our business and customers. Very easy installation and setup - took just minutes and has quickly turned into a new passive revenue stream for us. Would highly recommend.

    Splash Wines | Generated an additional $49K per 100K transactions with Rokt

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    Easily ensure each experience is completely native to your brand.

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