Rokt Ads achieves a 5.8x ROAS with Rokt Ads achieves a 5.8x ROAS with Rokt Ads
  • 5.8x

    Return on Acquisition Spend (ROAS)

  • 42%

    Higher AOV compared to other channels

The Challenge, the #1 online wine retailer in the United States, had rapidly scaled their new customer acquisitions over recent years. To build on their success, they were looking for an innovative solution that would help increase customer retention and maximize their profitability goals.

With Rokt Ads, was able to:

  • Serve re-engagement offers to customers through viewable and native ads on the confirmation pages of premium ecommerce sites.
  • Accurately target lapsed customers using custom lists with personalized messaging for different audiences to maximize engagement.
  • Boost conversion rates through experimentation on the landing page, creating a more customer-centric user experience.

Key Results launched on Rokt Ads with a compelling offer and successfully re-engaged high value audiences that they were unable to reach through owned channels like email. With Rokt’s experimentation and machine learning tools, they uncovered opportunities for greater efficiency and maximized performance outcomes.

Moving forward

With the success of their retargeting campaign, is excited to diversify their acquisition strategy and discover new, incremental audiences through Rokt Ads. With a strong focus on profitability, they are also exploring Rokt Ecommerce, a monetization solution that creates more relevant experiences for each customer.

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