Rokt Ecommerce opens a new profit channel with Rokt Ecommerce opens a new profit channel with Rokt Ecommerce
  • $4.2K

    additional revenue per 1M impressions

  • <2X

    weeks from sign-off to campaign launch

The Challenge is an easy-to-use tool for organizing group, community, and volunteer events. Since 2009, has helped millions of people come together and participate in the causes they care about.

As a free service, relies in part on direct-sold and programmatic advertising to drive revenue and offset operating costs. The company identified Rokt Ecommerce as an opportunity to drive supplemental revenue at scale.

With Rokt Ecommerce, was able to:

  • Generate revenue when users complete event or activity sign ups with no upfront cost
  • Natively display high-quality and compelling advertiser offers, personalized for each individual user
  • Easily set up and activate the platform, successfully opening a new profit channel within a matter of weeks

Key Results

Since launching the partnership in April 2022, now generates $4,200 in pure profit for every 100,000 placement impressions on the sign up confirmation page.

Moving forward

Following this immediate success, has now expanded platform integration beyond mobile devices to include desktop. This approach is designed to optimize performance across the user base at scale, resulting in future revenue uplifts as the partnership continues to grow.

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