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Schwan’s Home Delivery speeds up their customer acquisition with Rokt Ads

Schwan’s Home Delivery speeds up their customer acquisition with Rokt Ads
  • 76%

    repeat purchase rate from Rokt customers

  • +38%

    higher repeat purchase rate than other marketing channels

The Challenge

Schwan’s Home Delivery offers delicious, high-quality frozen food, delivered directly to homes to make mealtime easier.

For Schwan’s, new customer acquisition was at the forefront of their growth strategy but it was important that they reached the right audience to increase repeat purchase rates. They wanted an innovative solution that provided a more modern experience to engage customers from new demographics.

With Rokt Ads, Schwan’s was able to:

  • Serve offers through viewable and native placements to customers who had just made a purchase across premium ecommerce sites
  • Reach high-value customers and personalize offers based on location by targeting with first-party transactional data
  • Easily experiment and optimize offers to dramatically increase engagement rates

Key Results

Schwan’s initially launched with a compelling offer and with Rokt’s guidance they quickly deployed improved creatives to increase campaign engagement rates by 70% and continually lower CPA while growing ROAS. Rokt’s machine learning helped Schwan’s uncover incremental audiences so they could efficiently acquire a different mix of customers that drove a strong repeat purchase rate.

Moving forward

Schwan’s successful partnership with Rokt has been driven by a mutual enthusiasm for innovation and collaboration. With an upcoming rebrand, Schwan’s is excited to continue exploring the potential of Rokt’s unique solutions and rapidly growing ecosystem.

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