Rokt Ecommerce

For Marcus Theatres, Rokt delivers 8x more monthly revenue than Google AdSense

For Marcus Theatres, Rokt delivers 8x more monthly revenue than Google AdSense
  • $240K

    additional revenue per 1M transactions

  • 8X

    more revenue per month than Google AdSense

The Challenge

Marcus Theatres had previously used Google AdSense to drive ancillary revenue. After finding traditional advertising to be a low-performing solution that diluted the brand, they halted site monetization efforts.

But as Covid-19 emerged, Marcus Theatres needed a way to bolster revenue growth. They identified Rokt Ecommerce as a unique – and timely – solution due to its compelling offers, seamless customer experience, and revenue potential.

With Rokt Ecommerce, Marcus Theatres was able to:

  • Deliver personalized offers from premium brands while ensuring a seamless and native customer journey
  • Tap into a new source of revenue with no upfront cost, heavy-lifting, or changes to the customer experience
  • Surpass monthly revenue generated by traditional digital advertising while also increasing offer relevancy

Key Results

With Rokt Ecommerce, Marcus Theatres generates $240,000 in revenue for every 1 million transactions.

After pivoting to Rokt Ecommerce, Marcus Theatres now generates 8x more monthly revenue than with their previous solution, Google AdSense, with no disruptions to the customer experience.

Moving forward

As Rokt Ecommerce continues to exceed revenue forecasts, Marcus Theatres plans to deepen the partnership by launching additional onsite offer placements and running the platform across internal campaigns.

Rokt partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deploy its products seamlessly across web, mobile web, and iOS/Android applications. AWS allows Rokt's technology to perform efficiently across all of our partners' sites without compromising site speed or load time.

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