Homeware retailer achieves payback within 30 days
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Homeware retailer achieves payback within 30 days


A homeware retailer was looking to acquire customers for their CRM database, while also driving a 100% payback over the first 30 days.


After a user opted in for further communication, Rokt used email nurture capabilities to deliver 5 customized messages over a 14-day period. Once the customer reached the end of the campaign, they were sent to the advertiser’s database via an API for inclusion in ongoing messaging. Rokt helped to bring potential customers to the client’s site, encouraging them through the email campaign to ultimately be delivered into the client’s CRM.

The Results

  • 189%

    Payback over 9 weeks

  • 58%

    Open rate on email nurture cycle

  • 9%

    Click-Thru Rate

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