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HelloFresh grows yearly customer acquisitions by 164% with Rokt Ads

HelloFresh grows yearly customer acquisitions by 164% with Rokt Ads
  • +164%

    Average YoY acquisition growth

  • 75%

    Of Rokt acquisitions are incremental

Partnership Background

HelloFresh, the #1 global meal-kit provider, has partnered with Rokt since 2016 to achieve their customer acquisition goals and grow their presence across 12 markets and 4 subsidiary brands. Leveraging Rokt’s machine learning technology enabled HelloFresh to harness their first-party data and achieve stronger outcomes.

With Rokt Ads, HelloFresh was able to:

  • Serve offers through viewable and native placements to customers who had just made a purchase across premium ecommerce sites.
  • Uncover valuable customers through incrementality studies and optimize for profitability by integrating conversion data with Rokt.
  • Achieve efficient scale across different goals and KPIs including CPA, LTV and ROAS.

Key Results

By delivering engaging offers to customers on the confirmation pages of leading ecommerce sites, HelloFresh quickly achieved scale in the US. After seeing success in the US market, HelloFresh expanded into Rokt’s EMEA and APAC channels to grow their brand in 10 new countries. With a growing portfolio, HelloFresh and Rokt teamed up to scale campaigns for new subsidiary brands like GreenChef, EveryPlate and Factor.

Moving forward

Looking to the future, HelloFresh is excited to continue growing their subsidiary brands and expand into new markets like Italy and Norway with Rokt Ads. They are also exploring Rokt Ecommerce to unlock a new, incremental profit channel.

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