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Harry’s achieves scale while remaining 40% below target CPAs with Rokt Ads

Harry’s achieves scale while remaining  40% below target CPAs with Rokt Ads
  • -40%

    Lower CPA than benchmark in the U.S.

  • 3.2%

    Conversion rate on traffic from Rokt Ads

The Challenge

Harry’s is known for being one of the original DTC disruptor brands. Customers were tired of overpaying for over-designed razors, so they launched a brand that’s committed to simple, high-quality products, at a fair price. Since then, Harry’s has expanded across all men’s personal care categories.

But ten years later, the old growth-hacking playbook that built the brand is obsolete. As they operate globally with ever-increasing competition, the team is constantly on the look-out for new acquisition channels that can drive meaningful growth.

With Rokt Ads, Harry’s was able to:

  • Open a global channel to acquire new customers across the US, Canada, the UK, and in Germany
  • Find customers in the buying mindset by serving native ads on the confirmation pages of premium ecommerce sites

Key Results

Harry’s saw early success, leveraging Rokt Ads’ verified audiences to accurately target their best prospects. That same verified data lets Harry’s accurately measure conversion using Rokt’s hashed email integration. Seeing potential in Rokt’s global reach, Harry’s expanded their work with Rokt Ads into Canada, the UK, and Germany.

After five years of partnership, Harry’s still consistently sees Rokt Ads as a top performing display channel. By generating insights from Rokt’s placement breakdowns and creating vertical-specific copy, the team can reliably acquire customers at a CPA that’s 40% below their target.

Best of all, Harry’s can rely on Rokt’s white-glove account services to help them leverage insights across geographies, even though the two acquisition teams operate independently.

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