Rokt Ads

Flamingo shaves off their CPA by 60% with Rokt Ads

Flamingo shaves off their CPA by 60% with Rokt Ads
  • -60%

    Lower CPA than benchmark

  • +80%

    Uplift in conversion rate

  • +350%

    Uplift in weekly conversions

The Challenge

Flamingo, a popular DTC women’s personal care brand, was looking to diversify their marketing mix as efficiencies decreased across their mainstream channels. They were looking for an innovative way to efficiently reach new customers who were ready to convert on their offers.

With Rokt Ads, Flamingo was able to:

  • Deliver highly viewable, native ads on the confirmation pages of premium ecommerce sites
  • Uncover high-converting audiences and automatically optimize campaigns for efficiency
  • Quickly test new offers through a simple creative set up to dramatically increase conversions

Key Results

Flamingo initially launched with an exclusive and compelling offer that quickly captured the attention of prospects while they were shopping online. Through Rokt, Flamingo discovered high-performing audiences they had not previously considered and with the help of machine learning tools, they dramatically scaled their performance while also increasing efficiency.

Moving forward

Flamingo is excited to continue scaling across Rokt’s ever-growing inventory of premium ecommerce sites. As supply rapidly expands and diversifies, Flamingo looks forward to uncovering new audiences that they can exclusively reach on Rokt Ads.

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