Rokt Ecommerce

BlendJet launches Rokt Ecommerce and generates $462K for every 1M transactions

BlendJet launches Rokt Ecommerce and generates $462K for every 1M transactions
  • $462K

    additional profit per 1M transactions

  • 16%

    positive engagement rate

The Challenge

BlendJet, the #1 selling direct-to-consumer blender brand, was using a popular Shopify app to promote products from other stores on its confirmation page. But they weren’t satisfied with the random products shown, the lack of optimization, or the results.

They saw an opportunity for improvement by moving to Rokt, due to its compelling offers from market-leading brands, highly optimized CPMs, and the opportunity to generate far more revenue.

With Rokt, BlendJet was able to:

  • Create a new source of revenue with no upfront cost and reinvest the capital into their growth marketing campaigns, significantly outperforming the volume of sales from their old solution
  • Optimize the transaction for every customer, displaying highly relevant offers from premium advertisers only
  • Launch easily within minutes directly within Shopify checkout, thanks to Rokt’s seamless integration

Key Results

After going live with Rokt, BlendJet began generating $462,000 in pure profit for every 1M transactions. Even better, their customer’s loved the offers they being given. The 16% engagement rate that BlendJet drives with their Rokt placement is a testament to both the compelling offers available and the excellent machine learning targeting.

Moving forward

Following their quick success with Rokt Ecommerce, BlendJet is planning to test Rokt in more placements, such as their order status page.

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