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How BetterHelp scales their online therapy platform and acquires new users with Rokt

How BetterHelp scales their online therapy platform and acquires new users with Rokt
  • ~10%

    Lower monthly achieved CPA than their target

  • 50%

    Lower CPA once Smart Bidding was enabled

  • 2X

    More conversions per month with exclusive offer


BetterHelp is the world’s largest online therapy platform, making professional therapy accessible, affordable, and convenient for anyone who struggles with life’s challenges. Searching for a new acquisition partner that would help them reach relevant customers in a cost-efficient way, BetterHelp partnered with Rokt to unlock a unique growth opportunity.

Through Rokt Ads, BetterHelp was able to:

  • Serve native ads across exclusive ecommerce sites to customers who had just completed a purchase through highly viewable and action-driven placements
  • Uncover audiences most likely to convert on their offer by using Rokt’s machine learning targeting features, powered by first-party ecommerce data
  • Achieve highly efficient CPAs and scale acquisitions by testing new offers and leveraging Rokt’s Smart Bidding tool to intelligently optimize bids in real-time

Key Results

BetterHelp initially launched their campaign on Rokt with the goal of driving new customer acquisitions at an efficient CPA goal. While their initial offer resonated with customers actively spending across Rokt’s premium ecommerce inventory, they wanted to rapidly improve their performance and understand how they could best scale their acquisitions across Rokt’s high value audience.

With the knowledge that exclusive offers perform best on Rokt’s direct-response ad placements, BetterHelp quickly deployed an improved offer only available on Rokt. Their strategy saw immediate success with conversion rates improving by 2x, resulting in CPAs that were more efficient than their goal. To scale the great performance they were seeing, BetterHelp leveraged Rokt’s Smart Bidding tool which further improved efficiency and helped rapidly increase their monthly conversions.

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