Introducing Rokt Calendar

CalReply is getting the Rokt’star treatment.

At Rokt, we’re constantly evolving our products and adapting our strategies to continue providing best in class marketing technology solutions for our clients. We made one such decision to expand our product offering in 2017 when we acquired the calendaring tool, CalReply. With an already impressive client roster, working with brands such as ESPN and Major League Baseball, it was CalReply’s company mission that really resonated with us, as it reflected our own: to cut through the marketing clutter in a new and unique way to foster lasting relationships with customers. 

Since the acquisition, CalReply has become one of the leading communication channels for brands, leveraging the inherent qualities already built into the calendar: #2 most used app across all devices, 100% deliverability, and average user engagement with the calendar up to 12x a day, delivering brands a host of benefits that include:

With Rokt’s vertical expertise, we expanded CalReply’s opportunities to Ticketing, Travel, and Retail and built successful partnerships across our network of partners. To date, CalReply has yielded a number of milestones that include 9.5 million subscribers across 50 brands and 5 billion engagements among a global audience. 

As we look towards the future and continue to scale the Calendar business, we are thrilled to announce the rebranding of CalReply as Rokt Calendar.

 Why the change?

As our customer, engineering and product teams work closely alongside each other, we constantly identify new ways for all of our products to compliment each other to bolster our client’s marketing efforts. With those ideas coming to fruition, it was the next logical step for Rokt Calendar to fully integrate into the Rokt product family, leading to consolidated success under one brand.

With this integration, Rokt Calendar is able to fully leverage our unique capabilities to build and enhance our Calendar offering which include:

1. Enabling Rokt’s powerful SaaS technology to accelerate subscriber acquisition.

[Calendar campaign as seen in the Rokt widget]

2. Leveraging Acquire to gain new customers across the Rokt Marketplace.

3. Building smarter and more complete customer profiles and managing data through our Customer Data Platform.

4. Utilizing Rokt’s advanced measurement and Incrementality, which ensures that marketers can isolate incremental return for every dollar spent on Rokt.

Rokt Calendar is committed to providing the same level of support clients have been receiving under CalReply and will continue to push the boundaries of our tech innovations. If you’re interested in opening up your marketing channels and cutting through the communication clutter, reach out to your Rokt Account Manager or via our contact us form to speak with our business development team.