Rokt Acquires OfferLogic

Rokt brings e-commerce solutions to B2B with new acquisition

Following a year of significant company growth, as well as accelerated growth across thousands of clients, Rokt has established itself at the forefront of technology enabling brands to leverage e-commerce experiences and tap into an unknown potential by increasing relevancy when a customer is transacting. And we are happy to announce that we are extending greater access to our transformational industry technology to the Business-to-Business (B2B) vertical with our acquisition of OfferLogic.

OfferLogic is a B2B marketplace whose clients include Staples, GoDaddy, Yelp, Google and Vistaprint. Effective immediately, our two companies have merged under the Rokt brand, further advancing the next generation of e-commerce technology. The acquisition ensures greater access to transformational industry technology for Business-to-Consumer (B2C), and now, B2B brands. When customers are buying online as a consumer or on behalf of a business, they increasingly expect more personalized and relevant experiences. Rokt unlocks the hidden potential in every single Transaction Moment™ enabling clients to leap ahead of their competition and enrich the customer experience.

The onboarding of our new B2B vertical will effectively expand our marketplace by 20 fold, joining a powerhouse marketplace of top travel, ticketing, retail, direct-to-consumer, and financial services brands. This acquisition also expands Rokt’s presence in North America, making the OfferLogic office in Boston, which is the third fastest growing technology hub in the U.S., Rokt’s eighth office.

“Combining the Rokt and OfferLogic teams will accelerate our investment in research & development around the Transaction Moment™”

“Combining the Rokt and OfferLogic teams will accelerate our investment in research & development around the Transaction Moment™ and unlock new potential for all companies to significantly increase profitability, gain a competitive edge, and utilize technology that has historically only been available to major retail companies such as Amazon,” said Bruce Buchanan, CEO of Rokt. “We know that companies in all industries are facing complex challenges when it comes to interacting with customers. We are excited to play a key role in expanding the advantages digital businesses have over traditional ones as we continue to pioneer the next generation of e-commerce.”

Rokt works with customers across industries, combining machine learning, AI and a marketplace of businesses that sell products to acquire new customers during the Transaction Moment™. The company’s proprietary technology unlocks value through relevancy and new revenue streams, while also increasing lifetime value by ensuring every step in the journey is the next best action for each individual customer.

Bryan Seastead, CEO and Co-founder of OfferLogic, notes, “As technology within the e-commerce space continues to evolve and expand, our customers are looking for solutions that not only solve issues they’re facing now, but a partner that will work with them to address future problems,” said Seastead. “Combining our expertise in the B2B vertical, with Rokt’s established technology and global presence ensures that we’re able to provide long term strategic value for our customers.”

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