3 ways to improve your online booking flow

It’s tempting to pack your booking flow with many messages – hotels and car rental offers, trip insurance, co-branded credit cards, and more. However, giving customers too many messages can actually backfire by overwhelming them. In the infographic below, we walk through 3 ways you can improve your online booking flow.

While brick and mortar retail products are limited by the physical constraints of in-store shelf space, online retailers have an “infinite shelf,” which contributes to the paradox of choice.  With so much space, it is easy to accumulate clutter. This creates decision paralysis for your customers.

Rather than presenting a customer with 10 different offers, most of which they are not interested in, give them the 3 offers they are interested in by leveraging your first-party data and Rokt’s machine learning. 

The result? A better customer experience and a 40%+ increase in attach rate. 

At Rokt, we help travel companies declutter their online booking flows. Instead of presenting your customers with everything you have to offer, leverage your first-party data and Rokt’s machine learning to show only the most relevant messages to each individual. 

To learn more, visit rokt.com/declutter.