How smol is driving customer acquisition with Rokt Ads

Last month, Rokt’s London office organized a virtual event for agency leaders across the UK that included exclusive announcements and the latest on how advertisers can tap into the retail media boom to drive performance.

During the event, Steven Mohl, Director of Strategic Partnerships in EMEA at Rokt, and Neil Campbell, Chief Growth Officer at smol, shared insights on how Rokt Ads has impacted smol’s growth strategy. Smol is a B2C company that produces high-performance, eco-friendly household cleaning products that are delivered to consumers’ doors via a subscription model. The products are chemical-free, and smol aims to provide a sustainable and safe alternative to traditional cleaning products.

Driving growth with Rokt Ads

Before working with Rokt, smol relied heavily on paid social for its acquisition strategy, but with the iOS 14 privacy update, they had to diversify their channels. They wanted to test new channels and partnerships like Rokt, which provided them access to a marketplace of premium ecommerce websites, enabling them to reach a relevant audience for their brand.

After a short period of testing, smol saw that the customers that were coming through were of quality- people actively shopping online. Since joining four months ago, Rokt has now become 2% of the total acquisition volume and growing.

Smol has found Rokt ticks many boxes for its business including access to an audience of customers who are already accustomed to buying subscription-style services and are highly engaged at the point of transaction. 

Improving acquisitions through premium partnerships 

Especially as smol looks to continue to reach highly-qualified prospects, Rokt Ads has provided smol access to a premium marketplace of top-tier ecommerce partners such as Uber Eats and Ticketmaster. Rokt instantly unlocked access to premium partnerships that smol may not have had access to otherwise.

Integrating and managing with ease

Not only has smol seen initial success with Rokt Ads for incremental acquisition, but it has also been a low lift for the smol team to implement and manage. Rokt Ads has been the most straightforward and quickest technology to implement and smol’s team only spends around an hour per week on Rokt.

In conclusion, smol has found that Rokt Ads has been a new channel for their growth strategy, providing them with access to a high-quality and relevant audience with little effort. Rokt’s technology has made it possible to acquire customers quickly and efficiently while helping smol test new creatives and offers. As Rokt continues to expand in Europe, it can become a valuable channel for brands looking to diversify their acquisition channels and generate incremental revenue.

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