Harness Discussion Recap: Corey Bertram on the evolution of Chaos Engineering

From managing  global service outages to building high performing teams, Corey Bertram has learned a lot of lessons over the course of his career. 

Before Bertram joined Rokt as Chief Technology Officer, he was an integral part of the adoption of Chaos Engineering at Netflix. In a discussion moderated by Andrew Benoit of Harness, Bertram discusses his moments of challenges and triumphs during his time at Netflix, Datadog, and now at Rokt. 

Here were some of the highlights:

  • As Netflix looked to expand its streaming capabilities, Bertram contributed to the development of Chaos Gorilla, which simulates an availability zone (AZ) failure and used to manage the distribution of traffic which was integral in the early stages of AWS. 
  • During his time at Netflix, the streaming platform was responsible for nearly 30-35% of internet traffic. After a large global outage at Netflix, the learnings from Chaos Gorilla  led to the development of Kong which was utilized to shift global traffic to offload risk for outages.
  • Rokt has been built with a multi-regional approach, and it’s able to perform like this with learnings from AWS from a global resiliency perspective. As your organization grows, it’s essential to plan for resiliency. Sometimes, planning for a worst-case-scenario can help your business bounce back from large global outages.
  • While companies need high performing engineering teams, Bertram has seen that the most important element to driving this is by instilling trust and being diligent about maintaining a quality culture.

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