Unlocking new advertising opportunities: GoPuff and Rokt partner to reach untapped audiences

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with GoPuff, the popular rapid delivery service. Together, we’re teaming up to enable non-endemic brands to reach GoPuff’s extensive user base through our advanced machine learning technology. 

Advertisers on GoPuff’s platform, including brands outside the consumer packaged goods (CPG) category, can now unlock additional revenue streams at checkout by offering customers highly relevant ads powered by Rokt technology. This allows advertisers across multiple verticals to reach new audiences through highly targeted campaigns within the GoPuff app. Traditionally, CPG companies have utilized GoPuff Ads to reach highly-intent shoppers and drive incremental sales with rapid product delivery. However, with this integration, any brand now has the opportunity to tap into GoPuff’s majority Gen Z and Millennial customer base, engaging them actively within the app. As a result of tapping into GoPuff’s younger Gen Z audience, our partnership has already garnered an engagement rate of 5% in the first month. 

“We are thrilled to partner with GoPuff and enhance its ad business, helping it move beyond the CPG category. By delivering relevant offers to GoPuff users, Rokt will help GoPuff Ads’ brand partners across all categories create more meaningful customer connections and drive incremental sales,” said Elizabeth Buchanan, Rokt’s Chief Commercial Officer

This partnership also comes at an opportune time when retail media networks are gaining traction in the digital advertising landscape. According to eMarketer, digital retail media ad spend is expected to reach $61.15B by 2024, which is approximately 20% of all digital advertising in the US. By embracing non-endemic advertising,  GoPuff can ensure they can capitalize on the growing market.

“GoPuff Ads have proven to be a powerful tool for CPG brands in collapsing the funnel from discovery to consumption. Now, we are thrilled to enable brands of all kinds to reach GoPuff customers while they are engaged with the app – and to bring our customers more information about relevant brands and offers to further enhance their GoPuff experience,” said Daniel Folkman, GoPuff’s Senior Vice President of Business.

As part of this partnership, GoPuff and Rokt offer brands the ability to accurately target customer segments through the power of first-party data. This ensures that the ads shown are highly relevant to shoppers, increasing the likelihood of conversion. Additionally, this new offering grants GoPuff customers access to valuable and relevant offers that encourages shoppers to try new brands such as Hulu, AdoreMe, and Noom.

Through this partnership, we’re aiming to bring together a wide range of brands, all with the goal of creating a personalized, seamless experience to shoppers. We’re excited for the impact that lies ahead within this partnership!

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