Get holiday ready with Rokt

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to stay ahead of the competition as a retailer. With Black Friday approaching, the busiest time of the year is here and retailers are challenged to meet rising consumer demands and unreliable supply chain processes. Plus, with Amazon’s Prime Day and other online promotions, ecommerce holiday shopping is now starting earlier than ever. Check out some of our latest findings to stay on top of the 2022 busy season.

Sleigh your holiday preparation

The retailers that will be the most competitive during the holidays are those that can adapt to the changing conditions. Nearly 37% of shoppers¹ report starting to shop earlier this year to ensure product availability and secure gifts before prices rise. Shoppers are trying to beat the rush with nearly 56% of shoppers who began their shopping in October² , before Black Friday or Cyber Monday. 

Ecommerce continues to light up

Ecommerce adoption has driven online spend to $262B and marketers can leverage technology like Rokt’s to reach customers in the buying mindset through relevancy. Overall ecommerce holiday spending is forecasted to be up 13.5% year over year³. Not only are ecommerce numbers continuing to increase, more transactions are being done on mobile devices than ever before and are expected to double by 2025. To prepare your business to boost your holiday sales ensure your ecommerce site is optimized, relevant, and has mobile capabilities to ensure the best customer experience. 

Listed below are ways you can fully optimize your site in these three areas to improve customer experience. 


Many sites attempt to engage customers by enticing them with several buttons to click, bright images, or animations. But this can be disorienting and have the opposite effect. 

  1. Keep things simple: Visually complex sites are consistently rated as less beautiful and effective than their simpler counterparts. 
  2. Limit CTAs: Too many Call To Action buttons make a shopping experience overwhelming and lead to decreased conversions. Reduce the CTAs on your ecommerce site by focusing only on the CTAs most relevant to your customers.


The cart is the last place you want to overwhelm your customers with an abundance of choices. Many vendors are tempted to overload this page with product upsells, loyalty programs, and more, but this can have the opposite effect and result in a high percentage of cart abandonment. 

Research shows a staggering 69.57%of consumers, on average, abandon their online shopping carts before completing a purchase. 42%⁶ of potential buyers abandon carts because they were overwhelmed by too much choice. Decision paralysis is a key contributing factor here.

  1. Personalize your offers, products, and services: Space for engagement at checkout is limited, so it is best practice to only show offers, products, and services that are relevant to shoppers and will enhance their experience. 
  2. Simplify your checkout page: Overwhelming customers while they are making a purchase leads to cart abandonment. Combat this by using the space to create a seamless experience with key information and limited distractions.

Confirmation Page 

The confirmation page is often overlooked in ecommerce, but it provides brands an untapped opportunity. Research shows that consumers are at their happiest on the confirmation page and they are more likely to engage with related offers at this stage. 

Most companies often use this real estate in one of three ways: they show nothing (which is a missed opportunity), they show everything (which overwhelms users), or they show three static options that are not relevant to the particular customer on the page (which is a poor customer experience).

Give shoppers the gift of relevancy with Rokt  

With harder to reach audiences and shorter attention spans, ecommerce businesses are facing challenges scaling customer acquisition. More and more businesses are relying on technology solutions for meaningful growth and scale. With Rokt, retailers can access a new, exclusive acquisition channel on the confirmation pages of major ecommerce sites and reach the most qualified and relevant audiences while they are in the shopping mindset. See how Rokt can help you get your business holiday ready:

  • With Rokt Ads, businesses can reach customers in the transaction moment, when costumes already have their credit card in hand and are open to new offers.
  • Acquire customers across an exclusive ecosystem of 350+ global ecommerce sites with 1B+ transactions  
  • Plan ahead and schedule campaigns to prepare for supply chain rushes and scale acquisitions. 
  • Create relevant messaging to engage with customers in the buying mindset. Drive higher customer engagement with personalized seasonal offers and relevancy.

Optimize performance with Rokt targeting. Leverage first-party data with strategic targeting tools to create the best possible outcomes for your campaigns by reaching the most qualified consumers during the transaction moment. 

To a healthy & happy holiday season 

About Rokt: Rokt Ads is an exclusive, scalable acquisition channel built on the confirmation pages of premium ecommerce websites connecting you with customers in the buying mindset. 

Talk with an expert to get started, or register for our holiday webinar on demand for more ways to get holiday-ready. 

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