Curb x Rokt: Bringing relevant experiences to customers on the go



Last month, Retail Brew hosted its first ever summit, the SKU, in New York City. The event brought together the best in retail thought leadership to drive insights, challenges, and predictions for the future of the industry. The retail experts at the event covered topics including:

  • Meeting demand and maximizing profit
  • Managing  an organization across channels
  • Creating omni-channel engagement with customer journeys
  • Sustainability: who is doing what and how

During the summit, Curb, the #1 taxi app, and Rokt teamed up for a session to provide learnings on ways to best reach customers on the go, by providing them a relevant consumer experience either through tailored offers on Curb’s mobile app or in the back of a cab. 

Stephen Rivera, Director of Customer Success at Rokt, sat down with Jason Gross, Vice President and head of mobile at Curb, to discuss how leveraging data can drive a better user-experience. In the conversation, Gross shared how retail has impacted Curb’s mobile app and  how its integration with Rokt enables it to use  first-party data to unlock value for customers and businesses alike. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Driving relevant messages based on the behaviors of riders has been essential for the taxi app. Curb has been able to drive personalized experiences across various touch points including its taxi tvs and on its mobile app with Rokt Ecommerce.
  • With the help of first-party data and conversion tracking, Curb can help drive value and fund the model that keeps the app competitive. They are able to do so with the help of Rokt by using prime real estate advertising placements while riders or mobile app users are highly engaged.
  • Creating an anonymized customer experience with technology like Rokt’s maintains trust with shoppers but allows advertisers on Curb’s platform a way to provide relevant messaging and paves the way for a curated marketplace. 

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Image by Kristoffer Tripplaar via Retail Brew’s The SKU