Afterpay partners with Rokt to expand ads business and offer shoppers more relevant ecommerce experiences

Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Afterpay, one of the global leaders in “Buy Now, Pay Later” payments. This partnership is enabling Afterpay to offer its ecommerce shoppers highly relevant offers at checkout, which creates a more relevant and engaging shopping experience while driving new revenue and deepening customer lifetime value. 

“Afterpay is committed to delivering the most meaningful and relevant shopping experience for its customers, and we are thrilled to build on this mission by leveraging Rokt’s ecommerce technology,” said Saket Mehta Global Head of Advertising Partnerships and Strategy at Afterpay. “This partnership allows us to further enhance our in-app offering and give shoppers more choice at checkout.” 

Leveraging our ecommerce solution, Afterpay and its thousands of retail partners, including Target, Nike and Shein, are empowered to deliver targeted, relevant and seamless advertising experiences to customers during the checkout flow. 

“We are thrilled that Afterpay has chosen Rokt to provide their customers the most relevant shopping experiences possible,” said Elizabeth Buchanan,  Chief Commercial Officer of Rokt.  Both Afterpay and Rokt were originally founded in Australia, and so it is especially exciting to now be partners on the global stage.”

Read the full press release regarding our partnership with Afterpay here, and for more coverage about the announcement in PYMNTS, visit.