Ace Your Ads: 5 Reasons to Plan Back-to-School Now

Did you know that households spend more on back-to-school shopping than on holiday gifts? Back-to-school shopping isn’t just a yearly tradition; it’s a massive consumer spending season that starts well before the fall. Here are five eye-opening stats about the back-to-school rush and why you should seize the moment right now to maximize the value of your ad spend:

1. The average expected back-to-school spend for a family with K-12 children is at par or higher for a when compared to the average 2023 holiday gifting spend.

Contrary to what you might expect, Back-to-School can actually surpass the spend on holiday gifts for many families. With increased spend, it’s the perfect time to capitalize on these surges and strategically target your audience.

2. American’s expected to spend a total of $135.5B for back-to-school and back-to-college shopping.

Shoppers are expected to spend record breaking amounts this back-to-school season, including college students who are expected to spend an average of $1,367, which is an all-time high.This presents a huge opportunity to tap into a large and lucrative market, driving sales and  increasing brand visibility.

3. In 2023, 55% of consumers began shopping for back-to-school as early as July and continued until September.

With a majority of consumers starting their back-to-school shopping early, you have a prolonged window of opportunity to engage them. This extended time frame allows for strategic campaign planning and optimization to capture consumer attention throughout the entire season.

4. On average 52% of back-to-school shopping is done online. 

By leveraging online channels effectively, you can reach shoppers seeking the best deals and value for their money. You can tap into advanced first-party targeting creating personalized ads to reach the right audience at the right time  — including the transaction moment when customers are most engaged.

5. Electronics and computers are the top back-to-school expenses, averaging $325.96 per household.

Shoppers in the market for electronics are expected to purchase laptops (51%), tablets (36%) and calculators (29%). Consider tailoring your marketing campaigns and promotional offers to effectively reach and engage the right audiences.  

In conclusion, the back-to-school shopping season presents a significant opportunity to supercharge your advertising campaigns. With households allocating substantial budgets for supplies, coupled with the trend of early shopping, you have an extended window to strategically engage with consumers. 

Don’t miss out on seizing this opportunity! The time to start is now.
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