Boost revenue with personalized offers & upsells with the Rokt Ecommerce app on Shopify

This week, the Rokt Ecommerce App, was featured as a spotlight on Shopify’s App store. The feature highlighted how Rokt’s app helps  brands unlock the potential of cutting-edge technology to seize a pivotal moment in the customer journey: the transaction moment. Our advanced machine learning, powered by valuable first-party data, presents highly relevant and exclusive offers from leading advertisers precisely when customers are most receptive. With the Rokt Ecommerce App, brands can effortlessly leverage machine learning to drive upsells and post-checkout offers, opening doors to unprecedented growth opportunities. It also allows brands to seamlessly integrate our technology onto brands’ ecommerce websites, ensuring a native and seamless user experience.

Maximize average order value (AOV) with personalized upsell offers

Rokt’s machine learning technology enables merchants to leverage relevant offers and upsells after a customer completes their purchase. By dynamically showcasing the most engaging one-click upsell offers, merchants can increase their AOV significantly. With the app’s intelligent algorithms, brands can identify the best upsell opportunities and present them to customers in a seamless and non-intrusive manner.

Unlock new revenue streams with premium third-party offers:

In addition to driving revenue through upsells, the Rokt app allows brands to generate income at no cost by displaying premium offers from renowned brands like Disney+, HelloFresh, and Venmo on the order confirmation page. These personalized third-party offers provide an additional source of revenue for businesses. Each time customers click on these offers, businesses earn revenue, creating a win-win situation for both the brand and its customers.

Customize offer layouts for seamless integrations

Rokt’s app understands the importance of maintaining a consistent and native shopping experience for customers. With the ability to customize the offer layout, font, and color, brands can ensure that the upsell and third-party offers seamlessly blend with a seller’s branding. This level of customization creates a cohesive shopping journey for customers, enhancing their overall experience while boosting conversion rates.

Monitor performance and profit tracking in real-time

Tracking the success of upsells and third-party offers is crucial for optimizing revenue strategies. Rokt’s app provides real-time performance monitoring, allowing businesses to gauge the effectiveness of offers and make data-driven decisions. Additionally, brands can track their profit generated from each click on third-party offers seamlessly. With comprehensive insights and analytics, businesses can refine their approach while maximizing revenue potential.

Secure payments via PayPal

Rokt’s app makes it simple and convenient to receive payments for each click on a third-party offer. Brands can effortlessly set up their payment preferences through PayPal, ensuring a secure and reliable transaction process. By offering hassle-free payment processing, Rokt’s app streamlines businesses’ revenue flow and provides peace of mind.

With customizable layouts, real-time performance monitoring, and secure payments, Rokt’s app empowers businesses to unlock revenue opportunities while maximizing their profit potential. By design, it helps brands stay ahead of the competition so they can supercharge their business. 

Ready to unlock new revenue opportunities for your business? Download the app on Shopify here.